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A Case of Domestic Violence Resolved

25 year old Jayshree* approached our counselling centre to discuss her marital problems. She was facing domestic violence from her husband Prashant*. He used to physically, sexually and verbally abuse her a lot. Prashant had taken a loan of Rs. 4,00,000 and to repay that loan he took further loans from three other people. The lenders kept coming home and he was unable to pay back the lenders. He was undergoing financial stress and extremely frustrated which he took out on Jayshree. The couple would constantly fight and not communicate with each other. Prashant kept trying to have sexual relations with Jayshree despite not talking to each other. One day when she refused, he forced himself on her and then beat her. Jayshree got pregnant during that time. She already had a daughter and her husband’s temperament had exasperated her.

It was becoming difficult for them to even pay the rent due to the loan, therefore Prashant decided to send Jayshree to the village. She refused to go to the village. She wanted to continue living in Mumbai and work here and shifted to her aunt’s place with her daughter. However, Prashant went there and harassed her and ran away with her child. We tried contacting PRashant to discuss the issue with him but he refused to talk to us. When he finally decided to speak to us, Prashant was in a bad mental state. He threatened to commit suicide and jump in front of a train if Jayshree didn’t come back to him. We counselled him on the phone and after much discussion convinced him to come to our counselling centre with his daughter. When they reached our centre, the child was very scared and instantly ran to her mother and hugged her.

Prashant was crying and was also very distressed. We convinced him to lay low for a while as the circumstances had become quite dire. We explained to him that he needed rest and some time to recuperate. We suggested that he go to his village and stay there for some time and come back few days later to talk peacefully. He agreed to this. While Prashant headed to his village, we sent Jayshree and her daughter to a shelter and told her not to reveal the shelter’s location to her husband for safety purposes. Jayshree was unsure about continuing with her pregnancy regardless of whether or not she would be staying with her husband. Prashant agreed with Jayshree’s decision to have an abortion. Our team referred her to KEM Hospital for the procedure. 

After about a week Prashant returned from the village and we called the couple for a joint

meeting. We referred PRrashant to our clinical psychologist and for psychiatric medication. He started taking medicine and became much calmer. He followed all the advice we gave him and even took up a job as a driver. A fortnight later, we did another joint meeting with the couple and Jayshree could see the evident difference in her husband. They spoke of living together and of paying off the loans together in Mumbai. They planned how they would go about living together.

Now, Prashant and Jayshree are living together and working towards a better life for themselves and their daughter.

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