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A Quick Recognition Of An Initiative For Good – ‘ Points For People’ Awarded The Best Initiative In The CSR Category

At the recently concluded Loyalty Summit in Mumbai, ‘Points for People’ won its first award since its public launch in September 2017. Recognised as the best initiative in the CSR category ‘Points for People’ was found to be innovative and a change that the industry appreciated.
Loyalty Points are often a forgotten item in most members accounts, and hence a good way for members to use them is to donate them to a good cause. An initiative launched together with the Tata Trust, ‘Points for people’ channelise these donation to various projects of the Tata Trust, for example providing clean drinking water to rural citizens, improving sanitation in villages, helping little children go to school, training women in the use of the internet and may other projects that improve the livelihood and quality of life of the lesser privilege society.
Many a time, members of loyalty program are unaware of their points balance and do not redeem them, hence this would make a useful way of getting members to donate and engage in a meaningful way with the program. There are many other benefits for members (in India) as well, besides not having to pay money, members can also get a tax benefit for the donation made. All donations above Rs 1000 get an 80 G tax benefit for 50% of the amount donated.The success of the program has not gone unnoticed and within 3 months of its launch has seen other such programs joining the bandwagon “ This is a good sign as the sector will be able to raise more funds towards the development of the country” says Ganesh Neelam Executive Director Special Projects Tata Trust
Loyalty programs too benefit because in todays world customers like to see the brands and programs they are associated with as ‘Good Brands’ or ‘Good corporate citizens’ and brands are likely to see greater affiliation with customers when they associate with such activities. The Tata Trust offers over 700 such projects that programs can then associate themselves with and are involved in initiatives ranging from Sanitation and livelihood to sports and skill development, as well as research and higher studies.
The program today has a potential audience of over 100m members of various programs and covers close to 8% of India’s population and approximately 40% of loyalty memberships across the country. “Our target is to get just 1% of the members to donate in the next 3 years and we will be able to make a significant impact” quotes Brian Almeida Co-founder ‘Points for People’

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