Can giving be linked to an emotional aspect or is it based on past experiences?

                                                                                          We’re living in a world where we measure everything from our waistline to nanoparticles in a solution. The idea behind each of these measures is to understand, reflect and redesign the way we do things. In a data-centric world, we try to correlate everything by analysing behaviour and metrics.

Such was the outcome with the Giving Index – An insight into donor behaviour published by Points For People. Several denouements were reached with the accumulation of data showing trends and donor behaviour demographically. One such interesting hypothesis was the giving pattern in Mumbai in comparison to Hyderabad.

In these two cities, we noticed a contrasting trend with the cause of donation. While Mumbai saw donations more towards Education, Hyderabad saw donations towards Water & Sanitation. This brings about the question, can giving be linked to an emotional aspect or is based more on past experiences. A resident of Hyderabad probably sees the issues of water and sanitation in the vicinity and therefore may see it as a larger issue than education whereas a resident of Mumbai could see too many children on the streets uneducated and have a soft corner for the cause. The correlation to the donation of choice viz a viz to a personal experience could directly translate to the option of giving.

Another question one could ask is, would your purchase loyalty shift if a certain cause was associated with a brand. P&G or a Hindustan Unilever today supports the uplifting of women in society and girl education as it has brands in What if we spun it around to a loyalty program being associated with a certain cause it surrounds. It’s as simple as earning points for a purchase of an item and then redeeming those points towards the cause the brand supports. It not only links the entire program to a cause larger than life but also creates a deeper impact with the customer. Every purchase would be as a purchase towards sharing happiness.

This certainly takes me back to ITC’s Classmates initiative. It entailed donating Rs1 for every 4 books purchased towards Primary education. Even here, a customer believes in bringing about a change just by a purchase of notebook. The impact was ginormous and lead to some funding some great causes. In today’s world, you could assimilate the campaign to help the underprivileged with online education or for every 1000 books purchased ITC could promise a grove being planted through Grow Trees.

The number of associations and tie-ups can be endless and thoughts can be put to paper. All it needs is that thought to appear. Anyway coming back to the big question, would you increase loyalty to a brand because it is associated to a cause you have the first-hand experience with or would your emotional rationale take over and support it based on the needfulness of the cause? I leave the answer to your thoughts.

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