Since its inception, the pandemic has left millions of lives wrecked without fail. While many were fortunate enough to stay afloat, it wasn’t a pretty picture with families left distraught, scouring for relief in the form of medicines, oxygen, healthcare, and basic necessities. Everyone wants to help the poverty-stricken (disadvantaged), but the pandemic has made it risky to step out. We all want to volunteer but what’s the safest way to do so?

Xoxoday and Points for People join forces to empower thoughtful individuals that wish to contribute towards  COVID-19 relief operations.

By donating their loyalty points towards benevolent causes, members can play a pivotal role in the provision of oxygen beds, meals, medicines, healthcare, and more. With Points for People on Xoxoday’s platform, users can donate their points or currency to causes of their choice, and COVID-19 relief is one of the most comprehensive aid projects running across India.

With self-capable individuals trying their best to help the world come out of a morbid crisis, they believe in bringing about change with a single action.

Donating for the greater good carries a contagious ripple effect that keeps on giving and empowers the community. By donating points earned in the form of sales commissions, rewards, performance, or gifts, members join an ecosystem that revolutionizes what is happening on ground zero—from helping a marginal-income group family access proper healthcare for survival to ensuring that children in the quarantine shelter get access to two meals a day.

It is not just COVID-19 for marginal income groups. They are already fighting multiple battles for:

  • Access to better sanitation
  • Clean drinking water
  • Eliminating social evils
  • Educating the girl child
  • Prevention of child marriage

And countless more causes that need considerable efforts and resources to be solved. Donating points through Xoxoday’s platform gives members the liberty to pick the cause of their choice to donate, and make the world a better place—One Point at a Time.

Research states that while money gives immense personal satisfaction when spent upon oneself, the sense of accomplishment, on donating to the underprivileged, is unmatched—irrespective of the zeroes on the check. With people confined to their homes, this is a unique way to make a difference in countless lives.

The points donated for COVID-19 relief through the Xoxoday platform are transparently processed by CInI—a TATA Trusts initiative to facilitate public hospitals in the country. The Points for People India-Next program helps people afflicted with COVID-19 by providing home-care kits for patients, nutritious meals for children, and a relief fund focused on women’s and children’s welfare.

Volunteering for a nationwide COVID-19 relief campaign is now possible. Donate your points via the Xoxoday platform and assist frontline volunteers—let us get together and fight the virus. For more information about Points for People initiatives, check out their website.

This article had been written by Syed Maaz Asghar, Asst. Manager, Content Marketing at Xoxoday with inputs from Points for People.