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Cultivating healthy habits and encouraging a giving culture

Each of us is responsible for contributing to the development of a healthy society. It is only by giving that we can make a difference and bring about a change for the better. If we are to help our society to get back on its feet, we need to build a better world for both ourselves and future generations. The easiest way to do that would be to make a donation or spare some time to do good a part of our daily routine or a habit. Remember good habits have a ripple effect which is contagious.

During the pandemic we have witnessed untold instances of generosity –  individuals coming to the aid of medical staff by donating PPE(s) and medical equipment to hospitals instead of spending on wedding receptions or hosting elaborate celebrations; giving/receiving gifts that they do not necessarily need. Some even started a crowdfunding campaign to encourage their families and friends to donate so as to help the needy affected by the pandemic. It is only when we assist each other that  we can progress and achieve self satisfaction.

Giving should be a part of our daily routines so that our children pick up these qualities and continue the good work going forward. We can encourage our children to start small, from sharing toys and books, to making little acts of charity. As we were always taught, ‘Charity begins at home’, may we continue to spread the giving culture in our homes and around us.

Points for People is  a platform that encourages donors to contribute points earned through credit and debit card spends to multiple charities and causes close to their heart. The significant USP about Points for People is that it encourages you to donate points from your credit and debit card. These points can fund the long term education of  a  girl child, provide nutrition to deprived little children/ care home (s) for terminally ill children and their families and provide those without an education with livelihood opportunities, as well as clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. It is never too late to learn generosity and grow.

It is Cool to be Kind & to Care & Share 

Points for People’ celebrates your generosity as we cross 25 million reward points! Help us to reach 50 million by continuing to donate & grow!

Donate to Points for People at – https://pointsforpeople.org/donate/

(About the Author: Dinelle Lobo is a Public Relations & Communications specialist and works in Sales & Marketing at Points for People.)