Does your brand need a Social purpose ?: ‘Points for People’ answers with its Year-End Analysis.

Does your brand need a Social purpose ?: ‘Points for People’​ answers with its Year-End Analysis.

The year 2020 has seen so much change right from the way we greet one another to the way we handle meetings in the office to the new norms of sanitising every odd hour or so.

With so much change, we’ve seen a significant change in consumer behaviour too! The growth in donations on Points for People indicates that our mission is on the right track to help the vulnerable and to ensure survival and growth of the lesser privileged sections of society. Donation via Loyalty Points on the platform has been endorsed to be a success with repeat donors across various programs choosing to donate their points rather than spend it on discounts and vouchers. This indicates a higher perceived value for donations redeemed via Loyalty Points.

The total donated amount increased by 63% in 2020 vs 2019 and has helped significantly support causes like Healthcare, Education and Livelihood. This has meant that generous donors have improved so many lives for the better and ensured that several children continue going to school, young girls have been saved from early marriages and there had been an improvement in livelihood opportunities for India’s indigenous tribal communities.

At Points for People, the number of causes supported also increased – meaning a larger audience has received the benefits of the generous donations.

The total number of donors in 2020 saw an increase with a surge of 118% over the previous year. While the repeat donors saw an increase of 176%, new donors also shot up by 87%.

We believe that the perceived value of the loyalty points increases in the mind of the donor with the satisfaction of having done some goods with their points beyond measurable items and towards a cause they are passionate about, be it educating a girl child or providing clean drinking water to a family.

This year’s Giving Index publishes by ‘Points for People’ indicates the level of penetration of donors covering over 300 towns, as well as differences in causes that members are passionate about.

Watch out for our next report that will show a change in spending pattern on Loyalty Programs that had a cause attached to it. The donors have certainly had their say in the redemption of Loyalty Points, now onto the pattern of the preferred choice of earning.

Join the journey of giving your brand a purpose – and enable your customer to be part of this movement across the globe. For further enquiries, I can be reached on or dialled at 9920750026.