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Donate, Uplift Society and Save Tax!

We as citizens face so many issues that are being battled nationally and globally by almost every nation. Today, Climate change, pollution, animal rights, natural disaster, illiteracy, unemployment, child labour, homelessness, hunger, malnutrition, poverty, water scarcity, are large concerns for us as it affects all of us. To solve these issues, we need not just governmental intervention, but requires the involvement of communities, corporations, and individual citizens for a society to thrive coherently. There is no doubt that the government is responsible for the growth and development of the country and its citizens. But, as citizens, it is also our responsibility to contribute to various socio-environmental issues. Now we can donate to multiple charities and non-profit organizations that are working to improve the quality of life, provide resources and opportunities.

An added benefit of donating to a social cause is also the opportunity to save tax. On every donation you make towards a registered non-profit organization, you receive an income tax deduction. This deduction can be used at the time of filing your returns. Donating now has so many benefits, not just for you as a donor, but for the causes that you care about.

Points for People is an organization that donates the loyalty points or reward points you earn on your credit and debit cards and donations made via the payment gateway. It helps you contribute to non-profits like Tata Trusts, Breakthrough Trust, CRY and RHMCI, towards livelihood, education, cancer care, girl child education, early marriage and water and sanitation, empowering children, caring for the terminally ill and their families. Today, point donation is eligible under Section 80G, so donating your loyalty points and saving tax is even more easy on the pocket. 

Ways for you to donate and make a difference?

  • You can redeem loyalty reward points earned on your credit or debit cards
  • Donations can be made via our payment gateway
  • Purchase of ‘Points for People’ Amazon or GYFTR Gift cards supporting various causes

All these donations will be eligible for tax exemption. 

So, isn’t it a brilliant idea to donate and also to save your tax? Filing of returns has never been so rewarding. This is the perfect example of the famous saying, “Do good and good will come to you”.