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Point Redemption process

Starting April 2020, redeem your reward points via SMS

with a 3-step process. Complete the payment of your transaction on the Pointforpeople website.

  1. Receive a redemption link via SMS*
  2. Confirm the number of points to redeem
  3. Click "Redeem Now" to pay with points

*Terms and Conditions apply

  1. Full redemption of points will be applicable for transactions above over INR 250 up to INR 1 lacs.
  2. Only one redemption link per day will be sent to customers, for transactions done with points for people.

Click here for miles redemption FAQs
Click Here for detailed miles redemption T&Cs

1.Tax exemption number for: Breakthrough Trust - DIT (E) 2011 - 12/B-783 3860, Tata Trusts - DIT (E)/MC/80G/1024/2008/2008-09, CRY - Circular No, 7/2010 (F.No,197/21/2010-ITA-I), RMHC - CIT(E)80G/2017/2016-17, DEV NEXT - CIT(E) | 2018-18/ DEL - TE28107 - 28092017/9134.

2.80G certificates will be provided to donations above Rs. 500