We Fight the Virus!


We have partnered with The DevNext Foundation and CInI (An Initiative of Tata Trusts) to bring relief to the vulnerable constituents of our community, who have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Together, We Fight the Virus!

This is a call to join the fight against the virus. Today the impact of this pandemic has brought about shortages in lifesaving medicines and oxygen, which has created a pervasive feeling of powerlessness and uncertainty, bringing us to all to our knees. But, we are determined to be resilient and do everything that we can to support our vulnerable brethren. Your contribution will be prioritized towards immediate relief operations including providing medical support (medicines, oxygen supply, home care kits for Covid-19 patients), Covid-19 precautionary kits, food, clothing, health and hygiene supplies and other-in-kind assistance, care and support of the vulnerable constituents mainly the women and children. We also recognize that this Covid-19 crisis requires a concerted awareness building effort to reinforce messages around prevention and precautions. Your contribution will also help in embedding Covid-19 prevention and health messages across to vulnerable populations. Initially, our partnership will work through two organisations. We shall keep including partner organisations on a dynamic basis and keep updating you all through this space. Learn about our campaign partners:


CInI, along with its support partners, will be facilitating the public hospitals from Halol – a tribal region in Gujarat, with critical medical aids like Remdesivir doses, oxygen cylinders and other medical supplies required to fight Covid-19.



The DevNext Foundation has launched the PfP-IndiaNext Program along with its partners, who are providing support to vulnerable people affected by Covid-19, with the following

Home Care Kits for Covid-19 patients. These kits will include medicines, oximeter, thermometer, sanitizer and disposable (like gloves, masks, plates and cutlery).

Nutritious Meals. For Covid-19 patients and their families, receiving nutritious meals or ration, help in meeting their basic needs and in elevating their daily burden of survival.

                                                        Relief Fund. This fund is towards immediate care and support for vulnerable people who are affected by Covid-19 with a focus on women and  children.


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