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It’s `Joy of Giving’ week: Amish Tripathi launches Points for People

On the auspicious occasion of the `festival of philanthropy’ Daan Utsav (Oct 2–8), an innovative loyalty programme initiative of Tata Trusts for Individuals who want to donate reward points towards a good cause.
Author Amish Tripathi with Co-Founder Brian Almeida,Points for People
Drawing vastly from years of hands-on experience working in the social development sectors, Social Access Communications and Points for People, an initiative of Tata Trusts, proudly presented `The Good Force Master Class with Author Amish Tripathi,’ at the Press Club Mumbai. The event is a first of Social Access initiatives to engage conversations around Change-Makers in the country, and inspire more change within larger communities in particular and society in general.
Social Access Communications a first-of-its-kind not-for-profit communications firm, uses the power of strategic communication to help the social sector garner support, build relationships and strengthen individuals to fuel social change. Through keen observation of India’s emerging philanthropic movements and intense conversations with the change-makers behind them, Social Access aims to present a model for `movement-building’ using Communication and #thegoodforce as the key to quantum positive social change.
Leading a panel discussion on modern India’s role in contributing towards social change in the context of Amish’s newly released book, `Immortal India,’ author Amish Tripathi engaged with audiences around selected chapters of his book, namely: `Masculine/Feminine Way and The Other,’ `British Bombay Amchi Mumbai,’ and `Ancient India Approach to Charity and Inclusiveness.’
Speaking on the occasion, Amish Tripathi shared, “I believe that there are a lot of positive liberal messages in our ancient culture. Messages like charity, equality between men and women, respect for the environment, LGBT rights etc. I also believe that we have a far greater chance of having an impact on liberal values in India when we quote our own ancient culture and texts, rather than quoting western thoughts. That is exactly what I’m trying to do with my latest book, Immortal India.”
(L-R) Lynn de Souza, Founder, Social Access, Author Amish Tripathi, Brian Almeida (Co-Founder, Points for People ), Mr Ganesh Neelam, Tata Trusts, Zonal Manager North & Central India
Drawing from its traditional core where charity has always been a way of giving back to society, Tata Trusts’ ‘Points of People’ is an innovative loyalty programme.

Brian Almeida, Co-Founder, Points for People
Brian Almeida, Co-Founder, Points for People explained, “Points for People was created with a vision of building a self sustaining society, i.e allowing people to donate while maintaining their current lifestyles. It aims to address two key challenges that individuals face when wanting to donate: Firstly, finding a trustworthy partner to donate to and this we have addressed by partnering with the Tata Trust. Secondly, create an opportunity of donating while spending and making the transaction simple, and reduce the pinch on the wallet.”
‘Points for People’ aims to create a large scale `culture of giving’ while you spend by allowing individuals to donate their Credit card or Debit card loyalty program points, airline frequent flyer miles, hotel frequent guest points and points earned just through any customer or employee loyalty program they are members of. The donation of points provides members the rewarding experience on knowing that their points have been used for a good cause as well as get a tax exemption for their donation. “Most members love the thought of knowing that they have used their points to contribute to improve the lives of someone else. We hope to tie-up with most leading Indian and global programs in the coming months and have already tied up with some of the largest bank programs in the country,” shared Brian.
Speaking on behalf of Tata Trusts, Mr Ganesh Neelam, Zonal Manager North & Central India shared that Tata Trusts, the oldest known Philanthropic Organization has always focused on Making a Sustainable Difference in the Quality of Life of communities it works with. Point for People is an Innovative Platform created by the Trusts to encourage individuals to donate their loyalty points for meeting the growing aspirations of rural and tribal communities. We are happy to partner with Social Access on this journey.
The Good Force Master Class at the Press Club Mumbai
Moderating the Master-Class to a successful conclusion, Lynn de Souza, Founder, Social Access said, “The Good Force champions and celebrates communicators who use their skills to bring about widespread social good. We are all avid followers of Amish’s work, and the simple and engaging way in which he has revived an appreciation of Indian culture, and values, especially among the youth. His collection of articles and speeches in `Immortal India’ is truly an inspiring gift from him to all who wish to immortalise this great nation in a very modern and relevant way. Another such gift is the simple convenient act of donating one’s loyalty points, earned by spending for oneself, to a trusted effective charitable cause. Giving by spending, feeling good but not feeling the pinch, paying it forward — these are such easy ways to give, and yet so long-lasting. We are delighted to partner with Points For People, a Tata Trusts initiative, to encourage society to wake up to the value of their loyalty points in a way that is so intrinsically karmic Indian.”
About Points for People:
Points for People, a Tata Trusts Initiative, is a unique platform that enables an individual to contribute to the development of a healthy and prosperous society by donating his/her points earned across various loyalty programmes and funds. These funds are utilised to power the growth of rural and tribal communities supported by Tata Trusts, across different underserved regions of India.

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