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Knowledge about scientific practices leads to success stories in agriculture


The story of Dayamani Nag
Dayamani Nag (45), who hails from Bhursu village in Khunti district, Jharkhand is a farmer. Prior to joining the Turtan Mahila Samiti (a local self-help group), Dayamani—who belongs to the Munda tribe— struggled to make ends meet.
In the Samiti, Dayamani learnt about seed and plant spacing, scientific practices of raising a nursery, and transplantation of paddy saplings. Through these new practices, she now uses only 1kg of paddy seeds as opposed to 25kg of paddy seeds, in a similar sized plot. In 2015-16, she transplanted 6kg of paddy across two acres and her productivity has shot up to 60 quintals, from 5 quintals earlier. As compared to her earlier situation when the family almost faced starvation, Dayamani now has abundant food thanks to enhanced productivity and notably, catered her daughter’s wedding feast entirely from her own produce.
Dayamani was the first farmer to take up tomato cultivation across all three seasons,; she has since diversified to high-value crops like cauliflower and chilli during the Kharif season, green peas and mustard for Rabi, and watermelon for summer.
Motivated by her success, 42 new households in the village are now participating in the programme.

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