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Make Giving a Resolution this new year.

The New Year is fast approaching and people have begun reflecting on the year gone by. They will start looking forward to a new beginning and will try to forget the mistakes made in the past.“Starting a new” and “starting fresh” are some common phrases we get to hear at this time of year. With all the positivity around, everyone will start making resolutions that they are going to follow as they begin the New Year.

New year resolutions are mostly good intentions and aims people plan to fulfill in the coming year. It is a promise people make to themselves. From health to family and work, there are so many resolutions people make to lead a happy and better life. Most common New Year resolutions are eating healthy, working out, staying productive, starting a new hobby or giving time to an old one, spending time with loved ones, time management, learning a new skill, with many more. It depends on the individual’s perceived accomplishments and how they want to improve their way of living by achieving their goals or bucket lists.

New Year resolutions usually revolve around the idea of making your life better. Leading a well-balanced life – is everyone’s goal. But a new trend that is slowly developing is to improve the lives of others around us. To be conscious of the environment and its resources, to create better living conditions for those around us, empowering women and children with equal opportunities,  eradicating diseases and many other good deeds. So this year, let us be more conscious, and be a part of the changemakers,  we can spread the joy of giving and help the less fortunate.

The art of giving doesn’t begin immediately, you can start small. Beginning with realistic goals, it is the same as exercising, you take little steps.  A good way to do this is to consciously make a habit of donating small amounts in the 1st week of every month.

Points for People is an organization that lets you contribute to the growth and development of the society and community. It makes donations easier and their main aim is to make India self- sufficient and self-sustainable. They work for education, livelihood, cancer care, water and sanitation, girl child education and ending early marriage.

You can contribute in 3 different ways:

  • Redeeming of loyalty reward points earned on your debit or credit cards
  • Making donations through payment getaways
  • Purchasing ‘Points for People’ Amazon gift cards supporting various causes

So, this New Year, care about the others around you and also the ones you don’t know. Make giving a part of your goals, donating to the less fortunate will make two lives better, the one you are giving and yours. As the famous quote says, the more you give, the more you get.