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Points for change: Loyalty for a greater cause

While I write this blog sitting in the comfort of my own home, coffee to keep me going and Spotify’s Top 50 playing in my ears, several unfortunate people are rather locked in. These unfortunate souls are without access to basic necessities and empty stomachs praying for a miracle for their next meal.

This I say unequivocally, paying heed to pre-existing issues tying us down as a nation. It’s a fact that doesn’t need more elucidation but needs a nudge every now and then.

COVID-19 has impacted the world and not spared a single soul. Which is where I would like to plug in a specific industry that has seen the impact on an unprecedented level. The Hospitality industry in the country has seen losses up to 80,000 crores till May and seen some of our favourite brands shut shop due to the unbearable loss. Even still those afloat are trying everything possible to ensure this period is seen over smoothly and a transition is made in the Post-Corona world.

It is also a quite well-known fact that every business is using this lockdown period to keep up the engagement with their customers. But when your customers itself don’t have the monetary means to contribute to this endeavour, how else can one generate a genuine interest?

Most businesses in the F&B industry have hit a standstill. Some have managed to get things to start online delivery to sustain themselves, while others did shut down. But one tactic they all tried out was continuing their customer engagement. This ranged from letting customers know of their sanitation practices to let them know of a special delivery menu to virtual cooking classes to teach them a trick or two. Some had even taken to add charitable elements to this as well. But a not looked at this form of charity is the donation of loyalty points to welfare causes.

Yes, we all feel the need to do our little bit for society during the pandemic but relent when it comes to doing something. We may have cited reasons like, “what can I do?” “How can I put myself at risk here?!” “I don’t have the funds to donate right now”. All which are fairly good arguments as well. So the question then beckons, how do your loyalty points turn into funds for these charity organizations.

It is fairly easy with an already established ecosystem created by Points for People, a philanthropic organization curated to connect loyalty points to actual revenue to help a charity sustain. With causes ranging from basic Water and Sanitation for the poorer class to Health and Nutrition of children in the -country and to now relief towards the inexorable COVID-19 pandemic. The choices one has to donate towards are aplenty and vary based on what strikes a chord with you as a human being, a simple donation to change their lives for the better. All of this can be done without a pinch to your tightened budget and a soaring heart for the greater good.

The process of donation on the website is quite straightforward, log onto the webpage, choose your loyalty points to be donated and then redeem these points. You can alternatively donate these points directly from your own credit card points page. The outcome of this would be unused points helping out a family that is in desperation during these trying times.

While for a merchant who has secured a loyalty partner to get on board into the network is also fairly easy. All they would have to do is get in touch with our team and they will handle the rest. So now all it yearns is for more sign-ups to ensure those loyalty points are put to good use for both a merchant and a user. A simple request to the Riyaz Amlanis and the AD Singhs of the country to take on this initiative and help the lives of those affected.

‘Points for People’ seeks to empower every Indian to contribute towards the quality of life of their fellow citizens to make our country self-sufficient and self-sustainable. The goal is to allow citizens to continue to enjoy their spends while using their rewards from loyalty programs to support causes that are close to their hearts.

You can also make a donation to Points for People at – https://pointsforpeople.org/donate/

About the author: Joshua has a demonstrated history of working in the F&B industry and now specializes in Business Development for Points for People. His views are based on his history of dealing with charitable causes and invoke conversation on creating new channels to sustainably garner support to charities.