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Points for People process it’s mettle

It is a great feeling! Points for People crosses the 25 million points landmark.
It started as a question ” can we enable people to donate their loyalty points to a noble cause?” And today we are happy to see that a lot of people share our belief that the points you earn from a loyalty program need not be used only for buying an additional pair of goggles or a set of new wheels. It is heartening to see that donors throughout India have given a big thumbs up for our idea.
And what had this encouragement meant? It has ensured that a number of families in rural India have access to safe drinking water, it has ensured that rural children have access to quality education, that women from rural India have the means to earn a livelihood. So we say to all our donors a BIG THANK YOU.Your belief and generous support had made Points for People a powerful instrument of social change.

And now towards the 100mn!

(About the author – Ram is a recognised thought leader in loyalty marketing with more than 30 years of experience in brand building and customer engagement. An alumnus of IIT Chennai and IIM Bangalore. he has conceptualised and implemented programs for Fortune 500 companies across Asia Pacific. His programs have won acclaim from international and Indian institutions. He is one of the experts quoted in The Loyalty Guide and speaks regularly at industry sessions and has written for several Indian and International magazines.)