Solutions we offer

Points for People’ offers corporates and institutions the opportunity to raise funds as a group. Create a cause or a project for which you need to raise funds and we will help you partner with one of our charity organisations, to deliver the benefits to beneficiaries. Share your projects with over 150m donors.


  1. Corporate employees 
  2. Institutional – College / School students
  3. Other organizations & institutions 


How will corporates benefit from the partnership? 

  1. We help align the cause and project to the brand purpose
  2. We attract and engage with consumers and build purpose with your customers
  3. We help create easy-to-deploy solutions with transparent and real-time reporting  
  4. We help align brands, employees, sales partners and institutions in support of specific causes 


How can corporates engage more? 

  • Voluntary Payroll contribution
  • Field visits, Active participation  
  • Activation at office spaces
  • Align employee and customer contributions with CSR objectives 


How can institutions (schools/ colleges) engage? 

  • Teach them (your students) young – to give and help others in need 
  • ‘Every child help a child’ programs  
  • Part of school / college curriculum
  • Align to school / college values with giving back to society in sustainable ways


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