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The privilege of hope is a powerful human motivation!

Those of us luckily born into privilege, have an obligation to replace fear and despair, with hope!

As ‘Points for People’ completes a significant milestone of channelling over 25 million reward points into the service of kindling hope, here’s a shout out to our 3,000-plus patrons who made a positive choice to replace fear with hope!

  • You chose to educate a girl child instead of redeeming your rewards points for a perfume bottle.
  • You chose to give an #amazongiftcard for livelihood development instead of a gift to your friend on a birthday.
  •  And You chose to not only keep your family safe, but also helped save others during this #covidpandemic

‘Points for People’ celebrates your #PositiveChoices as we cross 25 million reward points and aspire to reach 50 million… soon!

(About the author  – Ashish Merchant is a Managing Partner with Strategic Caravan.

He was a director with the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme and is currently the Vice Chairman of the Aga Khan Foundation’s National Committee for India.)