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The story of Balamdina Nag

The story of Balamdina Nag
After passing her 12th grade exams, Balamdina Nag (24)—who belongs to the Munda tribe—lacked the confidence to go out and look for work; instead, she preferred to stay at home and help in the kitchen.
However, things changed when, in the Gram Sabha meeting, she was nominated as a Learning Assistant at Utkramit Prathmik Vidyalaya – a local school in Maliburu village, Khunti district, Jharkhand. A rigorous 10-day residential programme at the outset ensured that Balamdina was adequately prepared for the role.
Informed by her training and motivated to make a difference, Balamdina would regularly visit each student’s home. She would listen to their difficulties and motivate them to attend school regularly. Despite reservations, she managed to convince parents into sending their children to school regularly.
Thanks to the unstinting efforts of Balamdina and her colleagues, 250 children from six villages have enrolled in the primary school in 2016.
A motivated Balamdina has decided to enrol for a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, and hopes to teach in a private school someday.

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