we Fight the Virus!


We have partnered with The DevNext Foundation to launch the PfP-IndiaNext Program. An initiative that expands our attention to also being more connected with the implementation side of things. The contours of the Program are:

Together, we Fight the Virus! 

This is a call to join the fight against the virus. The natural order of things and stability of day to day human life have been disrupted. The lockdown will have an adverse economic impact. Moreover there is a pervasive feeling of powerlessness and uncertainty. This has potentially unfolded itself into an existential threat. 

But, we are determined to be resilient and do everything that we can to revive.

Your contribution will be prioritized towards immediate relief operations including providing food, clothing, medical, health and hygiene supplies and other-in-kind assistance, care and support of the vulnerable constituents mainly the women and children. We also recognize that any public health issue requires a concerted awareness building effort to reinforce messages around prevention and precautions. Your contribution will also help in embedding public health messages across to vulnerable populations.

We do not believe in replication of efforts. There are several credible and valiant organisations already involved in engaging with communities and we see our role as additional support to the ongoing efforts. We will pool all the resources that you and others contribute and deploy them in an effective and efficient manner. 

Initially, our partnership will work through two organisations. We shall keep including partner organisations on a dynamic basis and keep updating you all through this space.

We shall also participate in this endeavor. The Points for People – IndiaNext Program has started the campaign with a contribution of Rs. 10,000. 

Learn about our campaign partners: 

Centre for Catalyzing Change – – We shall work with their Small Grants Program through which we will extend our outreach to more than 250 organisations, spread across India. Your contributions that we deploy to the C3 Small Grants Program totalling upto Rs 500,000 lacs will be matched by C3 with an equal contribution from their own resources.



FXB India Suraksha – – We shall coordinate our efforts to complement their work with children and their families. We shall begin with assistance to children, adolescents and young adults that live and survive on railway platforms in Jaipur, Rajasthan and thereafter expand to include their constituent communities spread from Andhra Pradesh to Noida to the North East. 

The Points for People – IndiaNext Program and its campaign partners are committed to ensuring that your funds are utilised in a cost-effective manner. We shall report on program and finances periodically through this space.

Let us begin. Let us stand together. Let us win.

Points for People – IndiaNext Program



People: It is about them, not us. We will ask and agree, not direct. We will focus on customization and contextualization.Replication: We will collaborate, not compete. Direct implementation will be a secondary option.

Perspective: We will strive to steer investments towards issues that others are not working on or are unable to work on or simply do not see as being issues.

Size and scale: Nothing is too small. Investments will be done through pooled funds.


We shall pool contributions into distinct yet intertwined funds. These funds allow us to broadly define the direction of our investments and also allow you as our donor partner to convey your priorities at any given point in time. We shall work through the following funds:

Relief Fund: We will pool and direct financial resources towards responding to any event that suddenly disrupts the lives of people. This would include epidemics and pandemics, conflict and natural calamities.

Reshaping Futures Fund: We will support work in all sectors of the Indian economy. Examples would include Education, Livelihood & Entrepreneurship, Health & Nutrition, Water, Hygiene & Sanitation, Digital and Technology, Agriculture & Livestock.

Quest Fund: We will support initiatives that push the boundaries of what is possible. We will invest in new ways of doing things. This fund will help us in reshaping our futures.


Partners: We will identify and enlist implementing partners. These partners will typically have a verifiable track record manifest through regulatory registrations and shall ideally hold independent certification from agencies like Guidestar, Credibility Alliance and similar.

Design:It matters. We will work with our partners to design relevant and appropriate interventions.

Governance & Management: Our team brings more than 50 years of collective experience of working with and within the social sector. Our team shall be at hand to provide guidance and capacity building support to our partners.

Accountability: Our credibility lies in recognizing our accountability. To you, to our partners and most importantly to the individuals and communities we serve. We assure you that we will make every effort to ensure transparency through our value chain and report back regularly on progress.

Let us begin. Let us stand together. Let us reshape our future.

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