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Why you must celebrate International Day of Charity?

05 Sept 2019.

In today’s era, we hear of technologies that allow us to see deeper into space, and farther into the oceans. We learn of discoveries that can prevent and cure diseases. We are awed by the potential of human innovation and hope that ‘prosperity for all’ is right around the corner.

This hope is far from reality. We see inequality increasing sharply in most countries, and many children and youth seem very unsure of their future. With the world turning upside down at such an alarming rate, we must turn to simple acts of kindness to make a difference.

International Day of Charity is a day for every individual to step up and do his/her part to make a positive impact in the world. It is a conscious act but the decision is often made by the heart. And it is this factor that makes charity so precious and soulful that United Nations choose Mother Teresa’s death anniversary to commemorate this deed. Today, September 5th, 2019 marks the 6th annual International Day of Charity, and you are encouraged to contribute to society and be a part of initiatives that are changing lives of the future generation.

Charitable organisations across the world are working towards identifying and addressing causes that affect the wellbeing of humans, animals and the environment. Charities that work for people fight social injustice, illiteracy, unemployment, epidemics and every other concern that matters to them. NGOs dedicated to protecting wildlife run campaigns to protect endangered animals and address the various threats faced by animals. Environmental degradation being a major world problem today has given birth to NGOs that formulate policies to curb its misuse from human forces.

Supporting these causes is important. It not just helps establish hope in people today but creates a protective environment for the generations to come. No human being, or an animal for that matter, deserves to live in any of the conditions mentioned above. And surprisingly, well-known personalities understand this better than others. Which is why many of them in fields ranging from sports to fashion have made the headlines for their acts of generosity. In some celebrity cases, the giving continues even after they have passed away. Many established organisations too believe in donating a percentage of their annual profit.

So, now the question is: do we only need to donate eye-popping sums? Celebrities have the resources to donate. I don’t! Well, has anybody become poor by giving? None, till date. And speaking of how much to donate. That’s totally up to you. But the good news is that digitalisation has made it easier.

Digital media has introduced convenient methods to do good. You may be surprised to know how technology is creatively embedding charity in our everyday lives through online shopping and birthday/anniversary celebrations. One major platform that is encouraging us to adopt charity as a lifestyle is Points for People. Its methodology is such that anybody who uses digital methods of payment gets to contribute. While donors who wish to donate in cash are most welcome to do so, Points for People primarily works by utilising loyalty points accumulated on credit/debit cards.

Points for People uses these points to address social causes like child education, water and sanitisation, livelihood needs, and cancer care in India. Just pick the cause you like and choose to make a difference today.

After all, what better day to do your bit in uplifting this and the coming generation than on International Day of Charity.