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You can be a Humanitarian

28 September 2019.

Humanitarian. That’s quite a heavy word. And what does it mean? Simply put, it means saving lives and maintaining human dignity. For most of us, being a humanitarian is a small part of our personality, but for a handful, it’s 100% of their personality.

All global-level humanitarians are guided by four principles: humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. These principles form the basis on which they establish and maintain access to people who need help. The principles urge humanitarians to address human suffering no matter where it occurs, without showing bias towards the victim’s nationality, race, or gender.

Humanitarians put people’s lives first. For example, if there’s an earthquake or typhoon or a natural disaster Humanitarians approach these area’s and volunteer their services towards search & rescue missions. They help rehabilitate victims, and provide them with food, clothes, clean water, sanitation facilities and temporary shelter. There is a high demand for humanitarian agencies to come up with long-term programs for education and employment. Due to the global climate crisis, Humanitarian’s are also engaged in advocacy to prevent and protect social and environmental causes.

There are many international humanitarian agencies and well-known personalities who come together to provide for the needy, homeless and hungry. While their work is implemented on a global scale, small acts of kindness carried out locally can also make a big difference. By addressing issues of malnutrition and helping to organise and provide for children and communities in the same vicinity, by creating educational initiatives, aiding cancer institution and helping to provide the tools required for clean water distribution into rural areas or sanitation units can also be considered a Humanitarian deed.

In India there are a large number of NGOs, community groups and organisations that allow people to support a cause or charity of their choice. Points for People is one such charity. It focuses on areas such as child education, water and sanitation, livelihood needs, and cancer care. What’s interesting about Points for People is that it leverages technology and today’s e-commerce lifestyle to do that. How? By using accumulated loyalty points generated by the bank every time you swipe your credit or debit card. This is a convenient option to donate with just a few clicks on your mobile. You also have the option of gifting a loved one a Points for People Gift Card, from Amazon, supporting a cause of your choice. If you wish to encourage your friends and family to become Humanitarian, share stories of kind deed and make this world a better place to live in.

Points for People lets you be a nation-wide humanitarian, effortlessly. Do make use of this platform. For a small step like this could spring up a bigger philanthropic desire to save lives.